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Now You See It…
The smallest air conditioners out thereToday I want to discuss two very cool new air conditioner gadgets on the market. They are both compact cooling units which will make your desk area or small office more bearable without using nearly as much energy or space as a regular air conditioner. I think they are very interesting designs and I am excited to try them in person very soon. Both of these are crowdfunded and you must be supporters of the campaign to purchase them as they are not on the mass market.

The first is called the Evapolar. It is just larger than a 1 foot square cube, and it is marketed as the “world’s first personal air conditioner.” It is both an air conditioner, an air purifier, and a humidifier. It works on an evaporative nonmaterial construction like a swamp cooler but this unit is much cooler and more efficient than swamp coolers. By evaporating the water tank you create a breeze like you would find on a lake or stream. This is not officially an air conditioner but I think it is a very neat solution. It also looks very modern and technological.

The second is the Geizeer. It is even smaller than the Evapolar. This gadget has a cooling pack which you place in your freezer and then in the center of the box. A fan blows air from inside the box as the pack thaws. It is specially slow because of the wood insulation and it costs less than a penny per day to run. This one is my favorite of the two because it does not produce a lot of humidity and that is better for my book collection. It also looks much better and matches furniture because it is wood and looks not so much like a gadget. I also very much like that it is wireless. That is better for working at a desk. I have ordered one and I am very excited to try it. I will write my own review after I have spent some time with it.

Of course, these two new devices will not cool your entire house. They are only for a small room or near a desk. There are still plenty of small air conditioners available that are more powerful. You should know that you will pay more and they will not be quite so small, but if you are looking for a compact cooling solution I recommend that you read good reviews of the smallest air conditioner.  

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